Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Interpersonal Conflict Management in Children's Homes Essay

Interpersonal Conflict Management in Children's Homes - Essay Example In-depth interview of staff and observation of children’s interaction in their natural setting were used to collect data where thematic analysis was continuously being employed. The investigation first found that conflict issues among children in care- giving settings were identified as being linked to material items, name-calling, performance of chores, and the use of electronic devices. Secondly, the conflict management strategies employed, and the outcomes of these strategies were preventative and reactive measures, which resulted in both resolution and reoccurrence of conflict behaviour. It was then determined that there is a preference for third party intervention by staff to manage interpersonal conflict among children in these care giving communities, however it was concluded that mediation as such third party intervention is not suitable for Children’s Homes. I would like to acknowledge the management and administration of the five children’s homes studie d for granting me permission to conduct research at their residences. I am especially thankful to the staff that allowed me to interview them and willingly provided the information needed. Also, adult residences of two homes allowed me to interview them, and I would like to express my gratitude for their personal accounts, and grateful to all the persons in the homes inclusive of children whose interactions I had observed. As defined by the Trinidad and Tobago Children’s Community Residences, Foster Homes and Nursery Act 2000.

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